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Custom Tarp Estimator

Custom Tarp Estimator
Our custom tarps are as unique as the project that they will help complete. At Canopies and Tarps we know it is impossible to predict and manufacture tarps for every tarp and canopy usage imaginable. This is why we give our customers the option of ordering custom-made tarps. Custom tarps are the perfect option for anyone looking for a tarp or a canopy made of specific materials, with specific features and crafted to exactly the right dimensions.
Width:    feet      (X)      Length:    feet Cut Size (Standard)     Finished 12 Mil Poly     10 oz. Canvas     13 Oz. Vinyl Laminated


Using our online form, tells us everything you are looking for in a tarp. Punch in the desired tarp size by specifying width and length. Then, choose between the options cut size and finished, where cut size tells us this is the cut you would like the tarp to be before the installation of hems, seams and grommets, and finished tells us you would like the finished product, grommets and all, to be exactly the size you noted in dimensions boxes. In step three, you will pick a fabric, where we have three main selections to choose from. The first is 12-mil poly with the option of a silver and black tarp fabric or a silver and white tarp fabric. The second is a 10 ounce canvas fabric with the colors options of olive, gold, white, brown and green. The third is a 13 ounce vinyl laminated material with the color options of white, tan, black, grey, blue, green, red and yellow.� In step four you have the option of choose what kind of spacing you would like for the grommets on your tarp. You can choose between fixing the grommets every 18 inches or every 24 inches.
Campsites, backyards, construction sites, scaffolding covers, machinery covers, furniture covers and shading areas are just a few ways a custom tarp could be put to good use. Imagine installing a custom tarp, made to order, in the awkwardly shaped part of your backyard that's like a little too long one way and a little too short in another. With a custom tarp, this awkward bit of unused space could easily become the perfect storage area for firewood or a relaxing spot to soaking up the summer air.

Cut Size:

This will be the fabrics length and width prior to the installation of the hems, seams and grommets
For Example: A 10' x 10' length and width chosen as cut size will have a finished product approximately 9'4" x 9'6"

Finished Size:

This will be the fabrics length and width after the installation of the hems, seams and grommets
For Example: A 10' x 10' length and width chosen as finished size will have a finished product that is exactly 10' x 10'